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Gateway Solo docking station


  9300 versus 5300
  Keeping the docking stations straight
  Solo MD-3 Docking Station
  Solo PR-3 Port Replicator
  Solo MD-3 Docking Station specs
  Older Solo Docking Station specs

  EasiDock universal docking station
  Using LD2000 on a notebook
Note for those with QM2000 boards manufactured before mid-February 2000
Some early QM2000 boards will not fit into the Gateway. If you buy a Gateway, Pangolin will modify these for free. Here are the details:
    At the far end of the QM2000 board is an IDE connector. On most QM2000 boards, this connector will point upwards (pins pointing away from the board). This connector can be seen in the photo at right.
     On some QM2000 boards before February 2000, we used a right-angle connector with pins pointing parallel to the board.
        Boards with right-angle connectors will NOT fit into the Gateway Solo Docking Station. If you have such a board, return it to Pangolin. We will install a regular (pins up) connector for free. You pay only the shipping charges.





ateway's Solo 9300- and 5300-series notebooks can both use the Solo MD-3 Docking station.This is the smallest, most portable docking station with a PCI-bus slot that we've seen. (The new IBM ThinkPad Dock may be as small or smaller, but we have not yet seen one.) The Solo MD-3 is as wide as the Solo notebook, and a few inches deeper. Here's what it looks like docked with a 9300:

Gateway Solo 9300 notebook and MD-3 docking station

 Here's what the MD-3 looks like with the top off and the QM2000 board inside:

Solo 9300 Docking Station with QM2OOO board

9300 versus 5300

The Solo 9300 series is Gateway's high-end line. The 9300 notebook itself has garnered good reviews from computer publications. In January 2000, PC World magazine gave it the top spot in the category of Power Notebooks. Some models of the Solo 9300 even have built-in video digitizing capabilities -- perfect for LD2000's raster and VST outlining features. If this is important, double-check that your particular model supports video input.
        The 5300 series is Gateway's "mainstream" or mid-end line. They are lighter, thinner and less expensive than the 9300's, but may have fewer features or lower performance.
        For LD2000-type applications, the 5300 works fine. The main reasons to choose the 9300 instead is 1) if you want a larger screen, up to 15.7", 2) if you want built-in video digitizing, 3) if you want built-in FireWire connections, 4) if budget and weight are not strong considerations.

Keeping the docking stations straight

Be careful to look for a Gateway Solo 9300- or 5300-series notebook. This is because it is easy to confuse the various Solo models, docking stations and even port replicators:

  • The Solo MD-3 Docking Station (see photos above and first table below) is preferred. It is small (about 12" x 4" x 2") and light (about 4 lbs). The cost is just $300. It has one PCI slot, suitable for a single QM2000. It only works with the 9300- and 5300-series notebooks. Click here for specifications.

  • The older Solo Docking Station (see second table below) is for other Solo models; it is much larger and heavier. Its advantages are 1) it has two ISA/PCI slots instead of one, and 2) if you use the older QM32 board, it can fit into the ISA slots. Click here for specifications.

  • Gateway also sells a mini-docking station, and at least one port replicator (see second photo below). These do not have PCI slots and thus cannot use the QM2000 board.

The first photo below shows the Solo MD-3 Docking Station. A single QM2000 board will fit into the PCI slot inside. (Incidentally, Gateway representatives may tell you there is no PCI slot, but there most definitely is. This slot is normally filled by a PCI-bus Ethernet adapter board. If you need Ethernet, don't order the board -- use a PC Card Ethernet adapter instead.)
        The second set of photos shows the Solo PR-3 Port Replicator. This cannot be used with the QM2000, so don't buy this.

For more information

The information below about the Solo Docking Station was taken in October 2000 from two pages at Gateway's site, one about docking solutions, and one about docking stations. The information below about the older Solo Docking Station was taken in January 2000 from Gateway's site.

Solo MD-3 Docking Station

Gateway Solo 9300 Docking Station
The Solo Docking Station gives mobile PC users access to everything they need, including new ports such as NTSC/PAL In and Out, MIDI/Game, Digital Audio Out (Dolby 5.1 surround sound) and S-Video In and Out.

Solo PR-3 Port Replicator
(top AND bottom photos, despite what the copy states)

Solo Port Replicator (NOT a docking station)
Gateway™ docking solutions turn Solo portable PCs into desktop replacement systems- quickly and easily connecting you to desktop PC accessories or your network in one step. Add an external keyboard, monitor, mouse, even a printer or other peripherals. Our Solo Port Replicator and Docking Station make it convenient and affordable. And they're a snap to use. Each supports hot docking, so you can attach or detach your system without turning it off. The inexpensive Solo Port Replicator eliminates cable clutter and gives you a number of audio and video ports.
        Our Solo Docking Station is a more comprehensive desktop solution, letting you expand your system with modems and network, SCSI, MPEG and video capture cards. A fail-safe undocking mechanism tells you when it's OK to undock your system. For desktop PC capabilities and the freedom and mobility of a notebook, order your Gateway docking solution today.

Gateway Solo 9300 notebook and MD-3 docking station
Gateway Solo 9300 notebook and MD-3 docking station.

Solo MD-3 Docking Station
for Solo 9300- and 5300-series notebooks


Solo® Docking Station

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

NTSC/PAL input and output ports for importing and exporting video or still images using a regular RCA cable

S-Video input and output ports for viewing video and still images using a standard S-video cable

Two USB ports for multiple peripheral connections

PC Card Bays allow usage of a wide variety of PC cards including modems, SCSI cards, MPEG cards, hard drives and video capture cards.

Dual-mode Kensington lock slots


PS/2 mouse port
6-pin, Mini-DIN (right side)
PS/2 keyboard port
6-pin, Mini-DIN (right side)
(2) USB ports -
8-pin, (left side)
S-Video Input
4-pin, Mini-DIN (in back)
S-Video Output
4-pin, Mini-DIN (in back)
MIDI/Game port
15-pin, D-Sub, female (in back)
RCA jack accepts composite video input from camera, VCR, etc.
RCA jack sends composite video output to VCR, monitor, editor, etc.
Power Input
Accepts 19 volts DC. Uses same 70 Watt adapter as Solo 9300.
Analog Microphone input jack (Monaural)
1/8 miniature phono jack, monaural (right side)

Analog Headphone output jack (Stereo)
1/8 miniature phono jack, sterep (right side)
Analog Audio Line output jack (Stereo)
1/8 miniature phono jack, stereo (right side)
Analog Audio Line input jack (Stereo)
1/8 miniature phono jack, stereo (right side)
Analog Left/Right Speaker Output
Two RCA jacks û right and left channel (in back)
S/PDIF Digital Audio Output
RCA connector (left side)
Docking chipset
Intel® 82380FB "Moon 2" Mobile PCI chipset
PC card bays
Two bays accommodate 1 Type II and 1 Type II/III CardBus cards
Dual-mode Kensington Lock
Loop locks on left side of unit - Completely secure the unit and a portable computer.
Safe-to-Undock Button and LED
PC 99 compliant mechanism aids fail-safe undocking
Power Button and LED
Easy access button duplicates switch on portable; LED illuminates when safely docked
Dimensions (WxHxD)
12.7" (W) x 8.8" (D) x 2.9" (H) (322 x 244 x 74mm)
Remote Power Switch Connector
Supports power-on input signal from monitor stand or other remote source.

Operating temperature
Storage temperature
-25 to 60oC
Operating Humidity
20 to 80% RH, no condensation
Storage Humidity
15 to 98% RH, no condensation
Total unit weight
4.23 lbs (1.9kg)
Charcoal gray (same as the Solo 9300)
Port Replication

Docking connector
240-pin connector û For Solo 9300 (Incompatible with earlier models)
Serial port
9-pin, D-Sub, male (in back)
Parallel port
25-pin, D-Sub, female (in back)
Monitor port
15-pin, D-Sub, female (in back)

Larger Solo Docking Station
The older Solo Docking Station, shown with notebook computer on top. This has two slots which can be used either for ISA or PCI cards. The ISA cards can be full-sized, so up to two of Pangolin's older QM32 boards will fit into this docking station. (Photo courtesy Jorge Suarez.)



Older Solo Docking Station
for Solo notebooks other than 9300- and 5300-series


Older Solo® Docking Station

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Battery Charge
Charges battery(s) in notebook when dock is connected to AC power
Power Supply
200W desktop power supply
AC Output Voltage
115V/3A or 230V/1.5A maximum
Operating Temperature
41-104°F (5-40°C)
Operating 5-85%, Non-Operating 15-98%
Dimensions (W x D x H)
16.58" x 14.34" x 4.84"
21.38lbs (including Monitor stand)
One year, optional extension to 3 years
Front Panel Console
3 green LED indicators: Power-on, Notebook docked and Battery charging 4 Buttons: Power Button, Notebook eject button and 2 Volume control buttons (up and down)
Internal Stereo Speakers
2 standard 3 Watt, 8 Ohm stereo speakers
Microsoft® Window® 95
Supports Windows 95 docking requirements
Device Bays
Integrated 3.5" floppy drive occupies front bay
5.25" Bay that supports one 5.25" device (in Front)
3.5" Bay that would support a hard drive (in Rear)

Expansion Slots
2 Type II or 1 Type II and 1 Type III 32-bit PC Card (Card Bus) slots
2 PCI/ISA card slots

Removable Monitor Stand
Supports monitors up to 100lbs or 45.4kg
Electronic Security Lock
Locks notebook in place so it cannot be removed
Security Features
Manual Key Lock, Loop Lock Slot (in back)
Ports (Located in back)
2 PS/2 ports, Serial Port, Parallel Port, VGA Port, Game/MIDI Port, (4) USB, Audio Jacks and NTSC in/out
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